Chictopia Does Normcore

Updated on Apr 14, 2014

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great read
chic_pop on June 16
My interpretation of Normcore: Not trying too hard to look good and make others look at you, yet still looking good making them do it anyway. Doesn't make sense, does it. :)
BellaPummarola on April 24
Just no.
African_Pyrite on April 21
I thnk Thant nor core is oxymoronic. It strives to go against the trends but itself is a trend. The outfits still come off as trendy to me. They are basically getting fashion inspiration from the generation before us.
i4trends on April 21
I think, too much effort is put in to "normcore". I've seen at my boutique, girls spend hours to find something that looks effortless...
IRIdeScentESSEXories on April 21
Normcore will never set foot in my house. I will blog about it, however... Lol
zhanna_e on April 19
Gorgeous looks!
forvanityssake on April 18
Adorable!! <3
MonsterFrogaki on April 17
sweet :)
KaileeBroadway on April 16
love all the styles
MikellPetty on April 15
No no no, you guys have it all wrong. Normcore isn't taking away self expression or trying to limit you to a bare minimum of mundane fashion. It's celebrating the unsung staples that have made modern fashion what it is. It puts the classics on a pedestal and pays homage to them in an ironically purist fashion: head-to-toe ensemble that's as timeless as style itself. When do you ever truly see [...
i4trends on April 21
So true.
megmehtab on April 21
Totally agree with you.
MikellPetty on April 15
[...]a basic, well crafted tennis shoe. Or a simple denim jacket, or white button up. These are perfect examples of the quintessential classic that has become the canvas and muse, molded and evolved by different designers and fabricators over the course of time. Stripping all those layers away and taking the garment for what it is and was meant to be is taking fashion to an entirely new level [...
MikellPetty on April 15
[...] appreciation. Going back to basics is appreciating, how monsieur Saint Laurent would put it, eternal style.
avivranthing on April 16
amen to that!
DelightfulDecember on April 15
I think t those simply-designed sneakers makes it easy to put a chic outfit together. And yes, I believe in taking care of my feet. :)
LittleBee on April 15
I honestly think no one does normcore as good as Aila Wang. Lol
lookfortheoccasion on April 15
This isn't really for me. What I like about fashion is that it is a form of self-expression. Why would I want to take that away?

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