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Updated on Apr 28, 2009
coat - thrifted blouse - Living Doll shorts - Target Australia boots
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coldlight 's Thoughts:

Hey guys!! hope everything’s going well :)
I’ve been feeling really uninspired with my outfits lately…. I think it’s something to do with the fact that Summer is long, long past for me here in Melbourne… It has been SO damn cold here the past week!! This whole week is cold, windy and raining :‘(
I definitely prefer Summer over Winter… you can layer so much in Winter and still be cold!! and it’s hard to show off your outfit if you have to wear a big coat over everything, and stockings aren’t enough to keep your legs warm!!

I got this blouse last week in an op shop:) I love pussy bow blouses!! Actually I already have one that is almost exactly the same to the one i’m wearing here… the shade’s a little different and this blouse is a button up one…. and I couldn’t just leave the blouse, it was only $3!! I really have to stop doing this… XD
Today was a tiring and boring day at uni D: 4 more weeks until first semester id over, i’m counting down!! And when I got off the bus at Sydney Rd today some gross guy whistled at me… cringe…. he was one of those “fully sickk” dudes… ewww. I never know how to react to this kind of stuff so when he walked past me and looked at me I just pretended i hadn’t heard him because I had my earphones in. Eep… what do you do in situations like that??
Well anyway… bows always make me feel better!! love them especially when they are oversized!!

Oh and I apologise profusely for the horrendous image quality!! ahh!! I had to take it inside and touch it up on the computer because when I left the house today it was raining, and it was dark when I got back so no time to take a good pic!! :(

Comments (20)

barbroandersen on October 28
Amazing <3
haygen on June 11
love it!
Backwaan on May 24
I bet you got loads of outfit envy in this, you know whenyou passs a girl in the street and they eye you up with a sigh.... bow= cutest thing ever :)
TRAMS on May 23
i can just imagine this outfit in a Gossip Girl episode. my, i want that coat so bad! and for $35! bargain.
aranell on May 05
Man... why don't I have all these clothes?! You look fabulous!
fashiongeometry on April 29
oooh that blouse is cute, i like how the bow pops out of the sweater :)
coldlight on April 30
thank you!! yeah it definitely stands out, people kept staring at it all day :P
KristaniA on April 29
the blouse is amazing! and i love how the whole outfit look in 2nd pic :)
coldlight on April 30
thank you!! i'm a bit obsessed with bows... :p
iheartdresses on April 29
aww this is too cute a outfit:) totally loving the pussybow blouse, its such a lovely color and looks great on you too:) I think I need one of these myself! and I hate situations like that too. one time a guy came up to me at the busstop and kept asking for my number and name & I was like i'm not giving you my number! its so scary and annoying aye!
coldlight on April 30
thanks! yess i think bow blouses are a must!! and yeah i've never had a guy try and ask for my number or follow me but it's soo unsettling when they whistle or shout at you!! ahhh!!
ajyums on April 28
very cute shirt!!!:)
libys11 on April 28
i love the second look!!! :D eeehh,, this is adorable to the highest level! :D
Vivi_T on April 28
Very Cute! You look great... I wish I could wear frilly bows and voluminous decos on my outfits, but unfortunately I am a top-heavy girl and it wouldnt look right on me. Once i was walking in the mall, this guy was showing off for his friends and said sexy just as I walked by. I stopped, turn around, and said "that's disrespectful. Stop being gross."
coldlight on April 30
or maybe you could wear some coloured or patterned tights to draw attention to your legs.... well just something to think about!! <3
coldlight on April 30
thanks!! oh that's brave of you to tell him off!! good on you! i'm too much of a wimp to do something like that :o anyway maybe you should try wearing bows like this, it's a bit hard to tell from the pics but my top half is bigger than my bottom half too, but it's less noticeable if you wear something to balance it out, like in this outfit my coat is flared from the waist so it isnt so uneven!
KelleyAnne on April 28
Oh, I love your blouse!! I've been looking for something similar in thrift stores. It looks great tied outside of the coat.
coldlight on April 30
thanks! :) yes, i wanted it to be a focal point !!
mathonka on April 28
♡ your blouse!I have to buy one!! I don't react at stuff that you described, we aren't some cheap prices,are we??
coldlight on April 30
thanks! and yes... i hate guys like that!!
heartsdesire on April 28
it looks soo blair waldorf :D hoot!
coldlight on April 30
oh thanks!! love blair's style :)
pinapina on April 28
the blouse is soooo adorable. love the bow, love your coat too. :))
coldlight on April 30
awww thanks for the compliments!!
fab_gab on April 28
omg you have to check out my recent posting (with the blue background) I have such a similar outfit on! And i'm wearing my mom's cream silk bowtie vintage blouse.
coldlight on April 30
i checked the post... hehe yes similar!! blouses with bows are the best :)
cocorosa on April 28
oh love love love this, loveeeee this blouse!!!
coldlight on April 30
thanks so much!! yes it's great isn't it??
only_cheapclothes on April 28
so cuuuuuuuute!
coldlight on April 30
ohh thanks!!! :D
franloiacono on April 28
Love this outfit! :) You look very pretty! ;D
coldlight on April 30
oh thanks!! :P you're too kind :)
freya on April 28
Its been cold down here in Tassie too! Woah you got that from an opp shop? Great job, i always find it hard to get to the good stuff in opp shops. Hahha i hate situations like that. When you don't know whether to respond or not. Its soo awkward. I love this outfit. Super classy and cute.
coldlight on April 30
thanks!! :) yeah i'm a bit of an insane op shopper... i go at least once a week hehe so i find lots of nice stuff!! and yes urgh... you don't know whether you should yell at them or just ignore it!!
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