3 Easy Photo Editing Tips for Better Outfit Photos

Updated on Jul 28, 2014

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RenuJain on February 17
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seyshamirella on November 11
You say you can use a tripod when a photographer/someone willing to take the photographs are around. I've tried it and I think its great. But one problem, how do you take vertical photographs?
DawnMiller on February 20
Great tips! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
DelightfulDecember on August 08
I know the Photoshop idea isn't new to me, but I didn't realize we can do a lot more than just changing brightness and contrast. I guess I'm just the kind of person who don't want to do too much photo alteration for outfit pictures. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to checking out my background, plus ain't nobody got time for that! Plus, I don't have a personal photographer :(
purplewang on August 08
Editing pics can be time consuming - but this is really for a better photo. I've just learned these tricks at my last gig and thought I'd share it with you guys. As long as you're content with your pic, than that's all that matters really! And you totally don't need a photographer if you've got a tripod. :)
emmijo28 on August 04
i love this style
JocelinLeige on August 01
I enjoyed the post. Your points were well taken note of. I'm new to Chictopia but I think my blogging and photo taking skills could grow while I'm here. :)
georgeta on August 01
very nice
sblngs on July 31
Great dress!! You look terrefic! :))
psiloveya on July 30
love this
TheDayDreamings on July 30
love it
pupuren on July 29
Great pointers! I try to make it a point to plan my shoots in such a way that I do as little manipulation as possible, but I do agree that colour correction is vital in post-shoot editing. :)
lookfortheoccasion on July 29
Thanks for the tips! I'm always looking to grow.
Very helpful! Can't wait to take my new outfit photo now

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