Outfit: Tuxe bodywear as pragmatical feminism

Updated on Sep 08, 2015
black tuxe bodysuit - black Selected skirt - black Tamaris sandals
Black-tuxe-bodysuit-black-selected-skirt-black-tamaris-sandals Black-tuxe-bodysuit-black-selected-skirt-black-tamaris-sandals Black-tuxe-bodysuit-black-selected-skirt-black-tamaris-sandals Black-tuxe-bodysuit-black-selected-skirt-black-tamaris-sandals
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

I should have gotten around to posting these pictures ages ago, but something always came up and here we are. Today's outfit is alllll about this silk blouse, which is actually a body. I was contacted by Tuxe just before I left on holiday, and they pitched their product to me in a way that just immediately convinced me of their vision, which I'd describe as pragmatical feminism. Apparently, Tuxe is all about empowering women through style. And yes, I know that that's such a corny thing to say, and so many brands claim to empower women, but Tuxe is actually very humble and real about the issue: the brand specialized in bodies. Long sleeved, short sleeved, jersey, silk, blouse type or more like a t-shirt: basically any type of top you'd need in your professional wardrobe, but as a body instead of a regular top. Because the last thing you need to worry about when you're preparing that important presentation, is whether your top is tucked into your skirt seamlessly, right?

I remember bodies being way more prevalent in the late 90s, when rises on trousers and skirts were higher and we all tucked our tops. But between low rise jeans and midrif bearing styles, fashion sort of forgot about tucking in tops, making it so much harder to find a blouse with a long enough backside to actually stay tucked into your trousers. As much as I love my crop tops, sometimes they're just not appropriate, man. And this blouse goes with everything and always sits perfectly without puckering up or coming out of my waist band.

This is actually pretty subtly radical. An everyday rebellion, if I may quote Gloria Steinem. Just take a second to think about all the items you own or used to own that did not have pockets, required you to buy special underwear because otherwise it wouldn't sit quite right, rode up, produced static or dug into your armpits, all because it was made to look pretty at the expense of actually being practical, feeling good while going about your day. I'm so sick of tops with cap sleeves that restrict my movement, of jersey tops that are so sheer you can see my bra even if it's not intentional, of polyester everything. I deserve better, and Tuxe preaches exactly that. Live fidget-free.

It probably comes as no surprise that Tuxe Bodywear was founded by a working mother. This is a brand I want to support.

I ended up picking the CEO blouse because it is silk (so lush) and has a bit of a cleavage (something else that's surprisingly hard to find these days), but there is so much to choose from that you're bound to find that piece to fill the void in your (workwear) closet. Also, how awesome are the names of the different styles? CEO, Boss, Closer, Expert, Fixed, Director, Entrepeneur, .... I have to say, putting on my CEO blouse makes me feel like a total boss. The quality of my piece is also top notch: neat seams, very flattering fit, fabric is pleasant to the touch, the hook-and-eye closure on the crotch has three different lenghts to fit longer and shorter torsos, and the raw hem on the shoulder gives the CEO top a bit of an edge. I love it and I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of it. Oh, and they offer international shipping. Score!


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