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Updated on Aug 18, 2016
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Hask Chia Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner c/o

Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Shampoo + Conditioner + Deep Conditioner c/o

We all know that great hair makes the outfit which is why I am extra choosy when it comes to which products I use on it. I have always loved Hask and truly trust their hair care products on my color and bleach treated (very fragile) hair. Hask recently launched two new types of shampoos and conditioners under a new Superfood and Superfruit collection and I put each set to the test the past two weeks.

The Hask Chia Volumizing system uses superfood chia seeds- yes the same seeds we use in smoothies- to enrich the hair with proteins, antioxidants and nutrients, which also explains why they’re so good for you to eat. The chia seeds help boost volume and really lock in the shine without weighing it down. I used the set, and each wash, I washed my hair about two times. With the conditioner, I put more on my ends, which always need extra care, and let the conditioner really soak in for about five minutes or so. I rinsed, towel dried and then blow dried. My ends took to the conditioning treatment very well and weren’t dry at all. My hair had extra wave and volume so I didn’t really need to use the straightener with it. This set is perfect for those hot humid summer days when my hair tends to fall most flat and limp.

The Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair system also has an added deep conditioner packet for a really great conditioning treatment. There are five superfruits that make up this collection, and by following the system start to finish (shampoo to condition to deep condition) you’ll be able to experience the full effect these fruits have on your hair. With this collection, I feel like it’s more of a spa day for my hair because of the added deep conditioning step. When my hair is feeling like it’s taken a beating from heat and styling because it just won’t style right and has frizz and buildup, I opt for this system for rejuvenation and repair. I know that these products will also strengthen my hair and restore it to its best. I have tried it without the deep conditioning packet, and though it does do the trick, the final deep conditioning treatment really maximizes shine and restoration so I highly recommend this step.

Shop the Hask Chia Seed and Superfruit collections below.

Be sure to give your hair some extra care this weekend!

Hask is available at Ulta, Walgreens and Target.

Thanks for reading xo

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