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Updated on Sep 26, 2009
r-series vest - Muji dress - infanta skirt - accessories - doc martens boots - a
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kurarin 's Thoughts:

i was too tired and dizzy to be upset when my classmate asked if i was wearing a costume. my arms look kind of scary but that’s because i’m tensing them a lot in order to keep upright. my low blood pressure symptoms are acting up again and i’ve been feeling light-headed all day and having migraines.

i couldn’t find a headband that i liked so the black rose is actually a decorative piece from a furniture store i bought while furnishing my room like, 10 years back (you do not want to know how dusty it was before i shook it :P). that’s why it doesn’t sit well on my head, it’s held there, barely, by two hairpins.

i seldom wear this plaid dress from muji because it’s tent-like and very unforgiving to my figure. but after staring at some Christopher Kane photos I was in the mood for plaid so I just plied stuff on to give the outfit structure.

BUT my french teacher said, “cette jupe est jolie”. AND i arrived home to find that my gorgeous vintage military blazer arrived (:

Comments (11)

neneee on October 04
i really like how your favorite brands are eminent in the outfits you put together.
Calli on October 01
this is very cute, a lovely twist with the plaid dress. the shiseido bag is definitely fun
Harle on September 30
i love everything about this
UnoCosa on September 29
god.... love it, you really made your own with this plaid dress .... and the layering over the petticoat and black rose you got from the furniture store were the perfect additions to finish all the look, girlie, i am so proud of you, you look absolutely wonderful ... xoxo
daydreaming on September 27
i love the little hat! i have one too...but i never know what to wear it with. this outfit gives me some ideas! thanks! : ) and ps: i'm so glad there's someone else here who has an agnes b purse! hardly anyone knows that brand!
littlebrat08 on September 27
y did ur classmate thnk it was a costume? I reckon this outfit is fair awesome ^_^ cute street style ^_^... Congrats on the new blazer....and hope you don't feel faint anymore ^_^
pwincessbebe on September 26
cute look. it doesn't look like a costume at all, you look cute and stylish instead.
districtofchic on September 26
Oh I hope your feeling ok. You look lovely in that plaid and I love that headband!
simplycheap on September 26
Somehow you made this girly dress, with the tutu skirt and all, your own. And i love the black rose, so gothic romantic. You do dress differently, that I can say, but that's what make you interesting, so you shouldn't be upset with your classmate's comment. Bet she's just jealous of your confidence!
slowdear on September 26
I really like the dress and how you put together this outfit. It's very nice.
Aphrodite on September 26
Oh..=( But i loe your bag and congratulations with your new military blazer!!!
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