Back To School!

Updated on Aug 24, 2008

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paturza on July 01
ewwwww crocs!
_glasshearts_ on September 02
good idea about TEENugly! i like your hair too!
nataliagrozina on August 28
crocs....the worst invention in the world as well as uggs.
Fashionreloading on August 27
A teen ugly blog yay!!!!
WorldUgly on August 27
go camille! i'm so excited about your future posts x
smiletrishalovesyou on August 26
i'm really excited about this, and i love your blog!
ninja on August 26
haha... you are speaking out what all of us chics are thinking.gosh.. i really dont get this "style".And germany is FULL of it :( too bad. nice post btw.. well done :)
PaperTissue on August 26
D: i'm in one of the links! ahhh! thank you :)! you were my inspiration to sew and wear poufy skirts and i've subbed to your blog a few months ago :). our school has uniform, though.. we're not even allowed to wear jewellry.. mmmm.. great article anyways! :P
thesundaybest on August 25
Hold on...NO bedazzled jeans? Are you sure?
vikkimall on August 25
This is a good straight forward guide! There's always people that go WAY to dressed up! You should express your style, but at the same time be comfortable. I mean you are running up and down, then sitting for an hour and a half. Great job camille!
brgttplff on August 25
AH! i'm one of the links. haha. but this is great! i'm definitely going to show my younger sister this article. she's graduating this year and needs to go out in style. good job camille!
lalalanguage on August 25
hi camille!! i'm so glad you're doing this!! glad to be your friend on here as well. i'm excited to see your future posts -- check out my page sometime, hopefully i will get it rolling soon!! xo, kathleen
stararah on August 25
Wonderful. I should tell the majority of my school about you. Maybe they'd listen. (Probably not.)
carousels on August 25
I'm so excited about TeenUgly! i'm 15 and here in Belgium, everyone dresses the same, such a drag. i love your blog
EverybodyIsUgly on August 24
merced on August 24
this is going to definetely be a favorite. maybe you should give tips on picture days and such? sadly, for us thats the first day of school, so not only do we have to look good in general, but we have to make sure if we're photographed from the shoulders up we wont look silly.
imajetsetter on August 24
Sigh, it sucks that I have uniforms at school. Even more so, our only way of customizing it is with our jewelry and shoes (black closed toe). Luckily, we have a monthly dress down day. =) Thank you for the tips, I'm glad that I'm not one of those girls in my school who wears Hollister and A&F every dress down days.
rainelyn on August 24
i wish i were half as stylish and confident as you when i was younger! hahaha i had a bedazzler. oh ps- i adore your bangs
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