Updated on Feb 21, 2010
blue t-shirt - red Ralph Lauren shirt - black skirt - yellow tights - black shoe
Blue-t-shirt-red-ralph-lauren-shirt-black-skirt-yellow-tights-black-shoe Blue-t-shirt-red-ralph-lauren-shirt-black-skirt-yellow-tights-black-shoe Blue-t-shirt-red-ralph-lauren-shirt-black-skirt-yellow-tights-black-shoe
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garagegirl 's Thoughts:

I spent like 5 minutes thinking about what I should title the post, and I could’t come up with one!
So “Style?” it was. why? because it is very hard and time consuming thinking about what is the style of my outfit.I am thinking that from now on I’m just going to put any random
Oh and I’m going to do the 7 random facts about myself:D sorry lulichious, but better late than never right??
I don’t know what to write so prepare yourselves for a very boring list…
1) I got myself my Asian boyfriend :D finally! after so much whining he is here:D I know I said I wanted a Korean bf but a 1/4 Japanese bf will do:) lol
2)I got all A’s this semester :D I’m happy, but it was hard work…I’m feeling very lazy….but I HAVE to get ALL A’s at the end of the year again, somehow
3) I have a Facebook..idk why..I got it to ask my friend about homeworks but she moved away and now i’m kind of addicted to It totally pointless but you can spend hours on it and not even notice… Look me up! my name is Maria Reyes, I have the same picture as in Chictopia :D
4)I love making/blowing bubbles. They make me happy :) Colorful clothes make me happy also :D
5) If it was up to me I’d wear high heels everyday, but my mum doesn’t like me wearing then too often
6) One of my goals in life is to one day have a big walk in closet, and one day I am going to get my walk in closet!!!I have to be
7) I feel naked without rings or tights, but mostly rings
So I guess that is it….lol.
Sorry I ’m am awfully boring….
I tag (if the tagging thing is still going on…lol.) anybody who reads this :D

Comments (7)

miamilover on February 26
This look is different, I looove it :D especially the yellow tights and those funkyy shoess (:
Via_Morgan on February 22
cool colors!
cin_cinnamon on February 22
love the colors!!awesome tights!!
liluchious on February 21
yeah babe.. you & tights are one.. love every colors of ur tights.. i just only got 3 colors of it all :( well,, i'm quite jealous u got 1/4 Japanesse bf +_+ lol.. i'm longed fo that too HAHHAA.. act just like u babe.. KOREAN one :D and oyeaah FB is killer!!! killin my hours, huff! but i'm enjoy it ;o)
SarahJaneR on February 21
love the tights and shirt, nice skirt and shoes. omg you and library guy? yay! ive missed your posts! congrats on the grades! I feel naked whe I'm not wearing jewelry, it's so weird lol. i will definitely have to add you to my facebook :)
liluchious on February 21
add me also S'.. me and Garagegirl are friends on FB ;o)
dustyrosevintage on February 21
great colors!
ManilaKid on February 21
Oh I am lovin' your red shirt dear! And those yellow tights are my favorites. :)) And love the styling of this one! :> Gorgeous as always Maria! :))
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