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Updated on Sep 29, 2008
black Zara dress - black Graxie at Archeology shoes - black Fendi bag
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I was feeling the whole Black and Gold Ensemble and this outfit was inspired by my Black Embroidered Fendi B-Bag from my mom.

I wore it with a flowy tunic from Zara’s 2006 Fall Collection which also has a Gold detail that resembles a dress but is actually part of the dress. Since the dress had detail, I kept accessories to a minimum and just added a gold bangle to each arm and a gold chain necklace I bought from a friend who makes and designs them.

I really like these shoes which I found in Graxie at Archeology. I love how they look almost like warmers/ socks and I had the best time walking in them as well. I got a Zara Suede Pumps version of these shoes today and cannot wait to wear them!

I wore this to a hospital appointment (again!) followed by an afternoon date with my mom at Adora since she was getting stuff for me as a prize for graduating summa cum laude. It’s our commencement exercises this Saturday (I’m not attending though) I just had my diploma mailed to my doorstep! Haha.

I think it matched my bag perfectly and while I did not add a splash of color to the ensemble I’m happy that I kept it rustic.

Boho Luxe

Hippie prints:paisley, florals and gauzy or silk fabrics in free-flowing shapes are a nice alternative to other ladylike looks.

Peasant dresses, tunic tops paired with jeans, and sexy little tops and camis (cute in prints or edged with crochet) are more ways to add a little freedom to your look.

Why we like it: Soft, young, fun. What’s not to like? Besides, armfuls of jangly bangles and stone-encrusted sandals will bring out the gypsy in you.

Wear with: Choose the looser shapes in solids (white or bright silks) and pair with structured bottoms (a tunic with straight jeans). Or anchor a floaty dress with a big leather belt and chunky necklace. Keep the volume under control because rather than hiding problem areas, loads of extra fabric just tends to make it look larger.

Bohemian Luxury: Winter 2009 Fashion Trend

When Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, and Lily Donaldson all headed down the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week we realised there was one key look that would influence 2009 fashion trends above all others. Sure to become a staple for fashionisers everywhere it’s the Bohemian Luxury fashion trend.
What is it?

It’s a luxury take on a bohemian look. Part peasant, part Cossack, part sex-goddess rock chic. And it’s here for the colder months of 2008/2009 – largely thanks to an outstanding collection by Frida Giannini for Gucci’s Fall (Autumn) / Winter 2008/2009 women’s collection and men’s collection.

Of course, 2009’s Bohemian Luxury fashion trend has been a long time coming. With its most recent origins in the boho trend, it’s strong gypsy and folk overtones mean that it might be the perfect personification of the foho trend.

That would be selling it short though.

While it is folk-inspired, and it is bohemian, it is also so much more. It has its roots in traditional folk elements – particularly Russian ones – but it fuses in luxury elements and rock-chic attitude.
The Key Elements:

Billowy white peasant shirts Fringed boots Folk inspired tooled leather pieces Embroidery and paisley prints Charm / coin belts and jewellery Luxurious fur or fur-trimmed pieces Fringed long skinny scarves Bed hair and smudged smoky eye-makeup

Take Inspiration From:

70s rock icons Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful Victor Hugo’s Esmeralda Jane Seymour’s Solitaire in Live and Let Die Traditional Hussar and Cossack dress


Comments (14)

NathaliaV on August 01
bjkdAnc3r on March 19
awesome necklace!
pixierixie on January 01
Love the belt!
denisedenies on January 23
I think that necklace is freaking awesome.
vro on November 09
Black and gold is so classy, I love the dress <3
joannaladrido on November 18
true ! i love the color combination best dear xoxo
inKARLcerating on October 05
the bling is mindblowing! bravo
joannaladrido on October 05
Thank you! it's all about black and gold according to Instyle October 2008!
ninaestacio on October 01
babe i love the margiela-esque shoes! ;)
joannaladrido on October 04
Thanks Babe!!! =) loves it as well!!! =) foot and ankle gloves are the way to gooo!!!!
pigegeon on October 01
I love how you look! And congrats on Summa! that's so wonderful!! :] your stairs is a wonderful place for outfit posts! -hugs-
joannaladrido on October 04
Thank you so much =) I plan on posing by the stairs for my photos! Haha natural lighting!!!
NinaS on September 30
i am drooooling over your shoes. LOVE them!
joannaladrido on September 30
Thank you so much -) they were indeed a great great find! glad i finally got 'em =)
rainelyn on September 29
i LOVE your margiela-esque shoes. i just diy-ed a pair actually. congrats on graduating summa cum laude! woohoo!
joannaladrido on September 29
Thanks so much! How did you do that? I wanna see and I bet it looks fab! I wanna learn how to DIY as well! and thanks so much!!! =) you rock!
artgirl on September 29
I love the counterbalancing abstract-ness of the staircase... it only adds to your great style...
joannaladrido on September 29
Thank you so much =) The staircase is one of the best spots at our house!
ninjaneko on September 29
joannaladrido on September 29
thank you so much!
jessy_H on September 29
oh my summa? congratulations to you :)
joannaladrido on September 29
oh thanks so much =)
jessy_H on September 29
love the shoes! put heels on them and they're martin margiela shoes for sure ;) classy chic in black. always the best way to go.
joannaladrido on October 01
The Marni's pair is lovely =)
jessy_H on September 29
surely :) i wanted margiela's but i think they don't compliment my feet very well. hahaha. i want marni's instead ;)
joannaladrido on September 29
thanks so much =) haha i know! that made me want to get it =) and black is the new black! hahaha
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