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Updated on Jul 01, 2011
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Hi there,
Congrats on joining Chictopia’s Reward program – the largest online giveaway place for fashion bloggers. Chic Reward program will help you in the following ways:

- Establish great relationship with Chictopia members and gain followers very quickly. Chic Reward sponsors can expect 30-100 follower increase per item. The more coveted the item, the higher the follower increase.
- Drive more traffic to your website. New active Chic Reward sponsors can expect 50-200 visits per month to your website. However, as your store gains in followers within the community, you can expect more traffic with every reward.
- Get more top Chictopians wearing your products to create more buzz in the blogosphere. From experience, 1 in 3 reward redeemers end up raving about their rewards outside of Chictopia – whether it’s on Chictopia, Twitter, or their own blog, members can help you spread the word about your store.

Here is a quick tutorial on Chic Reward program.

Simply set up your recurring payment via Paypal. The program is month to month, so you can stop any time. However, keep in mind that trust and engagement within a community takes time to build, so we recommend to give it at least 3 months to see results.

Upload your Chic Reward
You can upload your Chic Reward by clicking on “upload” link to the top right side of the navigation bar. There should be a link called “Chic Reward”.

Product Selection
Shoes, handbags, and accessories tend to do well within the community as there are less variations for sizing and fit. However, if you’ve got a rocking pair of jeans, or amazing dress, feel free to showcase that as well!

One great way to find out which item to choose is to post in Chictopia’s forum and poll users to find out what they would like from your store. See sample post here

Image Quality
We ask that all images are professionally shot, with no watermark on the photo. Photo size should be 400×600 px.

Promotion of your shop
Feel free to link to your own shop once during the write up. Introduce yourself and engage the audience. Please do not include your logo or colored text in your write up.

Please indicate what size is available for the item.

Chic Point value
In general, we recommend 1000 Chic Points to $10 value. However, if you are a new sponsor, try starting with 500 Chic Points to $10 as members may not know your product as well.

Ensuring speedy shipping is key to delighting a user. Happy redeemers are more likely to wear and tell their friends about your store.

When a member redeems your product, you should receive an email alert. You can log in to your Chictopia account and click on “listed items” section to retrieve shipping information about that user. After you have shipped out the item, please update the shipping information so that the redeemer gets an email update on the status of the reward. Occasionally, we will have an eager redeemer who types in the wrong shipping address. Please check your messages regularly to see if anyone has any special requests on shipping.

Keep in mind that some members of Chictopia are international so shipping fee can get high. At the moment, we do not limit rewards to US only. However, if you wish to do so, you can post that on your blog post.

Follow up
We recommend sending a follow up email to the redeemer 8-10 weeks after the item is shipped. This is to make sure that the member receives the item and tells his or her friends about your store. Make sure to remind the user that they can get some Chic Points back from Cheri if they post about your item on their blog or Twitter.

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