Dressing and Shopping Eco-Chic

Updated on Jan 30, 2009
Dressing and Shopping Eco-Chic
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ShopUgly 's Thoughts:

I don’t think my life can be labeled in any way sustainable — I enjoy long, hot showers, eat way too much packaged foods and own a straight up gas-eating car. However, despite all this, it’s still a known fact that the environment is in less than decent condition. Now I don’t want to hop on a global-warming-carbon-footprint-soapbox, I just want to remind us all that the little things do count, ya know? So here’s a little ShopUgly guide to environmentally friendly fashion:

1. Wear used. This perfectly justifies any vintage or thrift store trip you have planned in the near future. Not only is thrifted clothing great for my own tight college budget, but it’s super eco-friendly. Also, this is another great reason to dig into your parents closets from time to time; and Ebay is a great place to buy used designer goods, jewelry or accessories at a lower price.

2. Minimize over-spending on “fast-fashion,” clothes that are often knock-offs from a season ago that are mass-produced and imported to sell cheap. This one is a little tricky for me, because living on a tight budget makes this kind of shopping all the more appealing. However, if possible, try investing in more high-quality timeless pieces that will last longer than a couple seasons.

3. Pay attention to tags. Stores like H&M and American Apparel have eco-friendly, organic lines that are fantastically trendy alternatives. Also, keep your eyes open for green designers that offer environmentally conscious of-the-season trends.

Photo 1: Ashley Watson Bag (Sustainable bags made with recycled leather and lined with hemp/cotton twill)

Photo 2: Recycled Chain Bracelet

Photo 3: Pjux Strappy Shoe (uses vegetable tanned and recycled leather)

- Juliana

Comments (4)

bjkdAnc3r on March 07
loove ittt!
minimalistpanda on January 20
i love this it's so cute! <3
CrystalCharm on February 02
i love this entry iu wish i had enough chic points 2 redeam it :(
woohoo on January 30
This is cool entry! I love the fact that people are more aware off eco-friendly stuff. I am totally a hippie at heart but not in my lifestyle. I do love to take shower everyday with lots of shampoo, and conditioner but it makes me happy that people care about environment. LOL Matt & Nat is also very eco-friendly brand--they're vegan! A bit pricey but cool concept!
ShopUgly on January 30
ahaha. and thanks for the tip. especially since green brands seem to fly off-the-radar.
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